Beginner/Intro to Yoga

Ever wonder what yoga is all about?  Then this is the class for you!  Learn fundamentals of breathing and postures through this gentle class.  Great for beginners or anyone wanting to get back to basics.  If you can breathe, you can practice yoga, so start here!  


This deep stretching class is a slow paced style of yoga in which poses are held for longer periods of time, helping to increase circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin is meditative in nature and a great balance to any active style of yoga or other type of exercise.  All levels welcome.


Hatha/Sunrise Hatha

In this 75 minute class you will find a combination of asana (postures), breath work, relaxation, and meditation. Classes focus on body awareness and alignment, pelvic and core containment, joint mobility, and focusing the mind while calming the nervous system.  All levels of practitioners benefit from this class due to the more subtle aspects of working with the breath, body, and mind awareness while moving through the well-rounded practice.

Introducing Sunrise Hatha Wednesdays from 6-7 am. Similar style class, shortened slightly to allow for a gentle practice before work. Start your day with the sun!


Movement and Meditation

Deepen your yoga practice with simple, invigorating postures and pranayama (breathwork) to vitalize mind and body. A systematic relaxation calms the nervous system in preparation for 5-10 minutes of guided meditation. Beginner and advanced practitioners alike benefit from this holistic practice.


A physically demanding modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. A predetermined routine is offered each class, allowing students to fully master each pose, linking breath and movement to create an intense internal heat, purifying the mind and body.  The traditional Primary Series of Ashtanga takes 90 minutes to complete.  In this 60 minute class, your teacher will guide you through Sun Salutations A and B and some of the standing, seated, and finishing postures of the traditional Primary Series. 


Rooted in Ashtanga, vinyasa is a dynamic flowing, fast paced class combining stretching, breathing, challenging balances, and fun inversions, all set to fun music!  You will not be bored in this class, so come prepared to sweat and get a great workout.  A regular practice, knowledge of yoga postures, and a willingness to try new things is recommended for this class.